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I believe it has been around 3 years that the stock market took a nose dive, the word "foreclosure" became a household word or a good topic to talk about while having a cup of coffee with friends, Unemployment did not apply to anyone I knew. Homeless people, they did that to themselves. Most of them are drug addicts, alcoholics, and have always been dysfunctional.

That is what I used to hear from people I know and some that I did not know but somehow we would be having these conversations on the state of the economy, wall street, the bail out. Wow so many new topics that my mind could not keep up with all of the new topics and the negativity that had befallen our country.

The president and his staff, and congress did not know how to handle all of this. They had the bailout and it worked according to whom you speak to,but that is neither here nor there.

My rude awakening came about eight or nine months ago, when a friend told me of someone I know losing his job, now the bank has foreclosed on their home. This meant that a family of 5, middle class all of their lives was now being chucked out into the streets as their whole world had crumbled. What do you say to friends who find themselves in that predicament. My friends are both college graduates and both had decent paying careers. I felt the hurt because I know them. I prayed that they may be able to recover and get back on their feet again. It has not happened. They move in with her parents, the kids had to enroll in another school. They are down to one car and their money has run out.

As a congressman from a do nothing congress, how can you look at someone in a similar situation and what do you tell them? Do you say to them, sorry you have lost everything, but you can blame congress or the president or Wall Street for that matter. I don't believe that my friends want to hear meaningless rhetoric from anyone who is so secured and comfortable because they have all of the creature comforts and then some. They certainly do not want to hear who is to blame or this could have been avoided if ...

This is now and this is not a reality show. Decent, hard working folks of all walks of life, who have lost everything, who no longer have unemployment or medical insurance, who do not have a roof over their heads, whose children are hungry, who are totally exasperated from not being able to find work, any kind of work are you, me, my cousin, my neighbor, the once teacher, the laid off fireman, the journeyman carpenter, and the list grows and grows.

I don't appreciate politicians playing a type of roulette game with my life and that is exactly what they are doing. And now Newt Gingrich is advocating for young poor people to work as custodians. Young poor people have dreams and desires to aspire to be part of the professional work force some day. They don't sit around and ponder the idea that 20 years from now I will be the head custodian at some company.

I am really frustrated with the direction this country is being steered towards. What ever happened to the proud land of hardworking, innovative folks that had imaginative ideas and were willing to take a chance on becoming enterprising entrepreneurs. We are in a different type of depression. Look around you and see the hollow, empty looks on peoples faces. Faces that were once beaming with pride and laughter and joy.

Sadly, truly sadly, I miss those days and if we get the right politicians in office, perhaps we may be able to turn all of this into what we rightly deserve, the America that we know we can and shall be in due time.