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There is a limit to places that I will frequent to save a few dollars. I realize that with a lot of us money has been an extremely rare commodity for the last few years. To add to all of the madness, to be safe on Black Friday we must be prepared. I would suggest you leave your children at home and hopefully your Christmas list from last year included a gas mask and a bullet proof vest. These 2 items and others will provide the protection that is now required to make your Black Friday adventure somewhat "safer". As I have seen and read of security officers being trampled to death last year, gunshots at the mall, pepper spray being used to make sure no one gets to the ultimate sale item because there may only be a handful. What in the "hell" are we doing to ourselves. Who do you blame? Do you fault the business for creating the mob mentality or do you attribute all of this craziness to dysfunctional jerks that will go at great lengths to get what they want. Whatever or whomever is responsible, we definitely need better security measures in place. As for me, I will stay at home and watch all of the madness on tv and will be so grateful that I am not part of the problem!