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In my lifetime I have worn many hats and have being called and labeled many things, but certainly racist is not one of them. My entire life has been surrounded by diversity with people of all walks of life, beliefs, ethnicities, race, vocations, rich, poor, middle class, high school dropouts, scholars, politicians, business men, and women. To call me a "racists" shall be incumbent on you to provide the proof and facts to that end.

I have always been very civic minded and have always been involved in my community, city, state and at the national level. I have serve on city, and state boards, been involved with my union at the local, state, and national level serving on the board of directors, providing leadership training, serving as a hearings officer, and have been the recipient of numerous awards.

I have helped my neighbors and they have helped me. I am a staunch supporter of the Humane Society and the SPCA. My family and I provide food for the less fortunate through our local food bank

I had a teaching career that spanned 34 years and at my last school there were a total of 16 languages spoken. I loved my students and when some students came to school hungry, you can bet that by the first recess they were not hungry and were able to better focus on their studies. At times, I shared my lunch with some of my students who did not have one nor money to buy a school lunch.

I have entertained at my house Muslims, Jews, Christians ,atheists, , Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos, Caucasians, gays, lesbians, Democrats, Republicans,. Independents, and those that were apolitical. These are my friends and neighbors and some are life-long friends.

To attempt to label me as a racists is going to be a long meaningless stretch. Those that know me know that is not who I am. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many friends who know me, trust me, and see me as a caring person attempting to make this a better place for all of us.

You are entitled to your own opinions and beliefs, but to misjudge and attempt to assassinate someone's character out of malice or ignorance is going to make you look like the village idiot, if you are not already there..