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I do not have to remind you that this is an election year and we always hear the candidates making a lot generalizations. Generalizations are not going to help us because they lack substance and we are being told what we want to hear.. We need to nail the politicians and ask them for their specific plan and how do they propose to make their promises a reality. Needless to say they have to get through congress which in all probability may be the biggest obstacle.

Employment is one of the key issues in this election. About 15 years ago I was attending a conference in Seattle, Washington. Our keynote speaker was the CEO of Boeing. For some reason his words are still embedded in my mind and to this day I can still hear his voice. Most of what he said then is exactly where we are today as a nation.

The outsourcing of jobs to countries overseas are jobs that we may never see again. For the most part, most of these jobs were blue collar jobs. The work force that was affected by outsourcing was to be trained for the technical jobs that were to be the future of the job market. However most of these jobs are also being outsourced and American workers are having a difficult time in meeting their daily obligations. We are still losing our homes. Workers from one end of the spectrum to the other are finding themselves not being able to provided for their families. You have professional white collar workers who at one point had 6 digit salaries on the brink of disaster. Some are hanging on and spending their savings, foreclosing on their homes, getting rid of their luxury vehicles, and some are beginning to line up for public assistance.

While it is true that the economy is slowly turning around and jobs are becoming available, they are the jobs for which their is a demand for and many are applying in hopes of landing one. This is where we depart from what we have been The majority of jobs being offered will pay less than they did prior to the economic downturn. Newly hires will have more responsibilities and less benefits. In some cases many jobs will be offered on a part time basis only. This will allow companies to work you enough hours and they do not have to offer you benefits given to full time workers.. As a result companies will make record profits and the American worker will continue to struggle to make ends meet, educate their children, buy a decent home. For many upward mobility will never be on their radar. Young college graduates will have a very difficult time finding a job that will offer a career track and stability.

The truth is that the ranks of the unemployed is immense and corporate America will exploit the opportunity to make us work for as little as possible. What I believe will eventually happen and it may take a decade is that there will be a reversal of the current conditions and we will once again see a brighter future. Thanks to the community colleges throughout the country. They are going to be highly instrumental in preparing the American worker to meet the challenges and provide them with marketable skills.

The sooner the better, but we must all strive together to meet the challenges of the 21st century.