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I had not notice before and maybe it is because I usually don't go shopping for clothes very often. It seems to me that the big name department stores merchandise quality is beginning to lessen. I had been to one of these stores not too long ago and bought a suit and it also gave me an opportunity to look around for a new winter coat. However all I did was browse through the coat racks to see what was there. First of all, the prices are outrageous and the quality of the coats is no better than that of a good sweat shirt.

I waited until after the new year because of the traditional sales that are prevalent this time of the year. Almost every store has a clear out sale or inventory sale. Something really caught my eye as I walked in to look over the coats that interested me the last time I was there. Lo and behold, the supply of coats had tripled and there were some there that I had not seen before and all were on sale. The signs were highly visible: half of and take another 30% off. Now I am no fool and I am like the next person and enjoy and look forward to getting a good deal. However, most of the coats were coats that no one wanted to wear or coats that were, and I will state this very simply, just junk.

There really was no bargain to be had. To top it all off, with all of the discounts they were offering, the store is still turning a profit. Worst of all, where in the world did all of these coats that were no where to be seen 10-12 days ago come from. Are we being suckered in to buy junky merchandise just because they tell us it is half off and take another 30% off. This really has me thinking about marketing strategies and the purchasing habits of consumers.

The end of the story is that I bought a coat with an original price tag of $280.00 for $100.00. I guess I am one of those consumers that want a bargain like everyone else. I, however, feel somewhat vindicated because it is a warm coat and on any given day if it was more than $100.00, I would just continue to wear my old coat for a year or two longer.