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War is never a pleasant topic to talk nor write about because it is such a despicable topic because people are killed. The U.S. has been involved in the war in Afghanistan since October 7, 2001 with a primary objective to dismantle Al Qaeda. I am not an expert analyst or strategist on war but I am a student of history and studied under the tutelage of well respected professors and scholars. Not to belabor a point, I must say that prior to the present multinational forces that are currently in Afghanistan, the Russians were there for 9 years. After 9 years without accomplishing their mission and 9 years of people being killed on both sides, the Russians packed up and went home. It is also important to note that we funded and equipped the same Afghans that are fighting us today. In fact Ossam Bin Laden met several times with American CIA and military leaders to discuss strategies to oust the Russians.. Along with other countries like China, Saudi Arabia and others, armed and financed the so call mujahideen who was at war with the central Afghan government and thier ally, the Russians. It appears to me that the size and the geography of the country make it extremely difficult to bring order and stability to the area. Matters are further compounded with the different tribes and ethnic groups that for the most part are semi-autonomous and want to govern themselves as they have for centuries. Let's not leave out one of the most critical components of the war, Pakistan. We can only surmise that Pakistan is playing both sides of this war. The U.S. claims that Pakistan funds, shelters, and arms Afghan insurgents in their country. How can this be a win situation for the West and its allies. I would like to see President Obama, Secretary Panneta, Secretary of State Clinton, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and the top brass sit down and have an honest discussion on pulling American troops out of Afghanistan. Isn't it time to bring the troops home? It just appears to me that we are in a situation where we are spinning our wheels and not going anywhere. In fact over the last few months there have been some serious setbacks caused by incidents that have strained whatever confidence we had with the people and government of Afghanistan. We need to have our troops come home, they are exhausted, mentally and physically stressed, and have given us their all. I could not be any prouder of our servicemen for all they have been done in service to our country. The time has come to bring American troops home and we need to honor them.