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Life is already full of absurdities and the ridiculous, but do we need to have a gender war. A gender war will not improve the economy, our schools, create jobs, nor create harmony among men and women. I agree with the women's position that the Republicans have declared war on women. I have signed 2 petitions in support of the rights of women. I am betting that the issue on women's contraceptives will remain intact and we should move on. Now we have women on the attack against men and the use of Viagra. I realize how critical civil rights issues are and will do whatever it takes to insure that they are protected and intact and I believe that the majority of Americans are firm on civil rights issues. I sympathize with the way women were ignored, excluded, and shunned at the congressional hearing. There was a lot of support for women, and a the hearings were very heavily criticized. I see that there are 3 proposed bills that would, if passed, make men go through certain outlined medical scrutiny before being eligible for a Viagra prescription. To all congressmen and congresswomen, at what point do you really get down to the real issues facing real people. Enough is enough and I speak to all members of congress. Once again you are showing the public that you rather engage in petty party politics rather than deal with the real issues that are denying us decent gas prices, food on our tables, a quality education for our children, employment, and attempting to aid those whose homes are threaten with foreclosures. It is time to get rid of our present congress and have a new beginning with sensitive, caring, hard working, congressmen and congresswomen that will work for their districts and the good of all Americans.

Just a short postscript. I have always being an advocate for women and women's rights. I am currently married and have 2 daughters in the same higher ed. institution. This blog is not about men or women, it is about congress not taking care of business.