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I have a difficult time comprehending why some politicians are so intent on hurting rather than enhancing the quality of live for the working class. Despite the fact that some governors are union busting, raising taxes on working Americans. What and whom are they governing? What do they expect to do for their constituents?

There are folks that fall in this class that are supporting these governors. At the national level women are being attacked and programs that provide critical services for poor and middle income women, and in some cases all women are being marginalized or being placed on the chopping block. People without health insurance are dead set against the repeal of healthcare reform!

With all the wealth this country has, does it make any sense to pour billions of dollars to other nations while some of our citizens go without the bare essentials of life: shelter, food, and a job that pays a livable wage? What are we doing to ourselves is deplorable and is pitting one class against another, people of different political persuasions vilifying each other while the rich get richer and corporate profits continue to soar.

And in the meantime congress continues to do nothing but play petty politics, blame each other and blame the president. It is time to wake up and take our country back. Kick out the congressional bums who insist on hurting the country from going forward.