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  • dtewes

    Another white Christmas for Victoria?

    By dtewes in Sky Watch

       If the latest government forecast is any indication, odds are we won't have another white Christmas like the 12-inch "blizzard" in 2004. Go figure!    The winter outlook update issued today is calling for a mild and dry winter ...

  • AllisonMiles

    Ode to the pumpkin

    By AllisonMiles in Business Notebook

    It's October and it only seems fitting that an arts and crafts blog include a bit about that glorious gourd, that sensational squash, that omega of orange vegetables: the pumpkin. Pumpkin carving is just something you have to do at ...

  • AprillBrandon

    NaNoWriMo (try saying that 3 times fast)

    By AprillBrandon in Pop Goes the Culture

    Books are back, my friend. And now thanks to the likes of Harry Potter, Oprah's Book Club and that 11-year-old who got his dragon book published, it seems everyone is giving writing the old college try (re: procrastinating by heading ...

  • PEbner

    Lady Vipers deserve pat on the back

    By PEbner in The world of golf

    Even though this is a golf blog, I have to step away from the course just for a short time and give recognition to a group of girls that have shown a remarkable amount of grit and determination. I also ...

  • dtewes

    Meteor shower on tap this weekend

    By dtewes in Sky Watch

       If you're looking for something to keep you entertained this weekend, consider spending time in the backyard watching the annual Orionid meteor shower. Some are predicting as many as 20 meteors per hour at the maximum.    The Orionids ...

  • BeckyCooper

    Toying with gas prices

    By BeckyCooper in The Daily Commute

    The oil and gas companies are just toying with us. Last week we started the week out with gas at $2.59 a gallon, then it came down slightly to $2.57. Then mid-week it dropped overnight to $2.54. Please note these ...

  • dtewes

    Bring on the fall weather

    By dtewes in Sky Watch

       I had to check my calendar today to make sure it was really mid-October. There was a hint of fall in the air Friday night while I was sitting in the stands watching my son play football. Boy was ...

  • AprillBrandon

    Word to yo' mutha

    By AprillBrandon in Pop Goes the Culture

    The debate about the music industry being on the decline has been around for ages. But in my opinion, they only have themselves to blame. I mean, basically there are only three songs mainstream music pumps out now, only they ...

  • ChrisCobler

    A place all pet lovers should visit

    By ChrisCobler in Your Advocate: an editor's blog

    My 10-year-old son, Paul, and I attended an open house today for the Dorothy H. O'Connor Pet Adoption Center. I like to get out of the office whenever I can to see what we're covering in the newspaper. As an ...

  • WesBloomquist

    Augustin set for big year

    By WesBloomquist in The Spiral

    We could all whine about how the game is being ruined by greed and how rules need to be changed in college basketball, or we could all simply grow up and enjoy what is about to start. The college basketball ...

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