I am the other half of the blog and yes we are sisters, but not twins. We have enjoyed the movies since our youth and growing from matinees to midnight shows. I LOVE midnight shows!

This summer was FULL of awesome movies that were my must see list! I love all kinds of movies so there were many different ones to see.

Avengers-it is not just hype.. this is an awesome movie that will make you laugh and root for the good guy! I hear it is going to do a second run before the end of summer.. um yeah so gonna see it again.

Brave- a very cute kids show that has a story that adults want to follow. Of course every kids show has a moral and so does this one. However now my nephew is afraid of bears :c

The Amazing Spiderman-sadly this to me was a renter. The movie would have been good had you cut out at least 20-30min of extra shots that were not needed.

Ice Age 3- Continental Drift- THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!! This one was just as funny as the others and the closing number was histerical. "HAM AND CHEESE" Yes I have seen all of these Ice Age movies and enjoyed them all. They are great for kids and adults!

The Dark Knight Rises- Who doesn't love Batman? My first memory of the theatre was going to watch Batman, the very very very first one (I know I'm old!) Anywho, this movie was great, but of course it is! The best thing about the movie of course is the ending and no I will not tell you; but you can kinda guess what is going to happen..its just when you see it does happen you are like "YES!" or in the words of the guy sitting behind us "hell yea!" Just be sure to bring kleenex (dern you Michael Cain :b)

Bourne Legacy- okay I have NO IDEA what the hype was about Matt Damon not being in this movie.. Renner did a great job carring on "the legacy" I have not seen a single bourne movie, but I promised my sis muah that I would take her to see this one for her birthday and we did. I wasn't lost at any time and enjoyed the whole movie (with some great people!!)

Well that is our summer at a glance, but we still have two more weeks to go! You know I am going to get in as many as I can!

DVD Suggestion- Prada to Nada.. low budget but lots of fun. think modern day Sense and Sensibility :D