You thought I was going to say football didn't you? Well as much as I like football I like Avengers more and guess what is doing a repeat at Showplace 3 Cinema in El Campo...Avengers!!! So decision time decision time..Avengers or Possesion. Well even though I have seen Avengers three times I am soooo excited to watch it again. As for Possesion...I will never convince the other Garcia Girl to go watch it..she doesn't like scarey movies. I on the other hand love them and may have to drag her to go see it because this movie has my interest!

This past weekend we watched Expendables 2. I really enjoyed it and no I have not seen the first but want to see it now. This movie had some sad points, but it had more funny points and a main point "Track'em, Find'em, Kill'em" and so the movie plot is exposed. Again I enjoyed it.

Thinking of something to watch at home? I just recently watched "Arthur" - at first I thought it was going to be this crude non story bore..but it was the opposite. There is a story, there is humor and ther is a point. And btw..that is my inner self when he gets a job. it does have some crude parts, but they aren't that bad.

Well I'm off to buy my Avenger ticket.. what about you??