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Let's talk prequels for a moment. Prequels are harder for me than sequels are. My brother watched "The Thing" recently, the latest one. He liked it very much but was surprised that it was a prequel. It was still good regardless.

There are prequels that work, such as "The Thing"apparently, and then are prequels that were an ok watch, such as Star Wars episodes I, II, and III, but not so much welcomed by the fans. I for one liked the Star Wars prequels. There were many, however, who disagreed with me and did so passionately.

I think fans can handle prequels and sequels so long as nothing is taken away from or sometimes even added, without substantial reason, to our beloved characters and story.

The 2013 release of "Oz the Great and Powerful" starring James Franco as the wizard of Oz, Michelle Williams as Glenda, Mila Kunis as the wicked witch of the west, and Rachel Weisz as the wicked witch of the east will be a prequel to "The Wizard of Oz". Why no wicked witch of the south? Anybody? Anyways.


In "Oz the Great and Powerful", we will meet Oscar Diggs before he becomes the wizard ruler of Oz. He's a selfish con man magician who finds himself in Oz and thinks he's hit the big time. He wants it all for himself, but then he meets the witches. The witches do no believe that he is the long awaited for wizard of oz. Throughout his journey, he has a change of heart and becomes not only a better magician but also a better man. Idk how this one will go. I have my doubts. It could be that I'm just Wizard-of-Oz'd out. There have been quite a few versions of the movie put out there, even some cartoons. It already has a sequel, does it really need a prequel?

It's sounds like it could be a good story, if done right. Sam Raimi is the director at the helm of this one so my expectations are pretty up there for it. Suppos we'll just have to wait and see. What's your take on prequels?