So my seester has been whining that all we have gone to see is scary hellooo Avengers wasn't scary but apparently that doesn't count (by the way Avengers is out today and yes we already have ours!!) So here we go to the love and comedy and action and sci fi.

So on our to do list is Looper..hmm I'm totally confused but am willing to try. So Joseph plays a younger Bruce..didn't that happen already in The Kidd with Bruce..but with less gun shots? Hmmm...well we are going to try it out anyways.

I am guessing that this weekend we are checking out Hotel Transalvania (sp???) I kinda like that one..its going to be a good calm movie with some fun. Again..I have to take a break from the scary stuff :(

Next we will most definitly be checking out Taken 2...that was decided when we saw the preview at the Bourne movie. Even those of us who didn't see the first one were yeah we are soo going to see the sequel. We are also planning for some friends to join us..maybe even give us their input.

Then after that... SINISTER.. idk it maybe a bit much but I am interested. It sounds like a scary movie with a story and creepy one at that LOL. It my be too much for the other garcia girl so it might just be this garcia girl and the garcia guy (mi bro).

For those of you who want to stay home- ck out Avengers and if that is not your film, try Sense and Sensibility