What a good scary movie. I have got to say that this is a good one. There wasn't a bunch of gore or pop up scare scenes, it was a story..and a good one.

So the actual story is from the Warrens. The Warrens are the original ghost hunters, only it's not always ghosts. Yes this story touches on exorcisim..you know the fight between the God, the devil and your soul. It was a legitamite story, which is what makes it a great movie. I was not disappointed with this one and there some fun times afterwards too. Some fun quote are "I'm going back to church", "I don't know about you but I did the sign of the cross", and at just the right moment during the movie "sike" and it all struts again. It was good to laugh and share moments.

As for some rentals, and of course we are going to keep the theme: Legend of Boggy Creek, a documentary type film Arachnophobia, I don't care who you are ... you will scream like a little girl when the spiders start taking over. And finally, the original Halloween.. suspense at its best.

Well I hope you enjoy the Conjuring. It was also great meeting and visiting with y'all! Take care and see y'all at the movies.