Yep you guessed it I just had to take the nephew to see it. What can I say?

This movie was cute. I enjoyed it and although its all about how much you can scare people it was not that scary. I know thats my pov but the nephew wasn't scared either.

This movie tells the story of Mike and Scully before they become the awesome duo we see in Monsters Inc. We also get a look at some if the other monsters as college kids. However college isn't so easy for them. In order to avoid getting expelled from MU they team up with a not so popular fraternity in order to compete in the Scare Games. Although seen as the underdog, they begin to show their ability and begin to surprise their opponents.

Now I won't give away the ending but its not what you expect.

There us still time to check out MU...and I suggest you do.

Coming out this week: two very anticipated movies.. Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger .. oh yeah can not wait to see them! And if you venture out for the 4th to catch some movies tell me hi!

Renters: Days of Thunder - love that movie!