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Well two points to you if you can figure out what movie that is from!!

Yes I'm back and I have missed ya'll! I have not missed any movies though! I shall start with the farthest and move my way up to today and what I plan on doing this weekend :D


Was it as big as all the hype? YES! I enjoyed this one more than the others. It was nice to see Pepper get a lil crunk. The suits were interesting, and more interesting was the whole anxiety take on going through out the movie. Who would of thought that Ironman could have an anxiety attack..goes to show you anyone can have one. The ending is a lil cliffhangerish..will there be another? All in all it was a good movie, enjoyed much and will probably buy to keep at home :D


Okay, this movie was not my cup of tea. Not that I don't like animated (um the Croogs was awesome - ta ta taaaaaaaaaaaaaa); I just could not get into this one. I took the nephew and he kinda liked it.. but it was hard to keep his attention. Maybe it was my overall taste in movies that just moved this one to the side of "renter" if I ever want to see it again..which prolly wont be for a long time.

Fast and Furious 6

OH YEAH!!!! This was the best!! All the hype about this movie was well deserved! I loved this movie! The best opening credits EVER! It had all the greats from the previous movies, it had lol moments, it had sentiment and it had the longest airplane road ever (lol) Seriously that was the only flaw I saw, that road never ended :p However I do have to say that I would love to sit with this crew in the back yard at a bar-b-que at anytime...just gotta remember not to take the first serving. This by far gets thrown on the "buy" list as well as the "go see again if you can" list. One thing is for sure...whenever you can go to sneak peaks and midnight shows..those are the best crowds to go with. I loved our sneak peak crowd for this movie :D

Well those are up to date and we are going strong. I have the awesome plans of catching Man of Steel this weekend (even bought the t shirt) I know superman has been done so many times, but its a classic and the villians always change. Plus you got some great minds working on this one so I am betting its going to be pretty good. Hope I'm not let down :) Till then!

Renter Advise: Definitly gonna put props out for Argo..good history movie.. if you want to go way back..Beaches..its sad, its funny, its inspiring, its good. check it out :)