Well once again Hollywood is dishing out another remake. This time it's the remake of the classic Stephen King horror Carrie. This movie is still aired around Halloween time because of its ability to scare. However the remake is out this year and may give the classic a run for its money. I asked movie goers why would go to see the remake and the most popular response was they wanted to see how new technology could improve this movie. Truth be told, no amount of technology can beat good ol suspense. Will new Hollywood improve this movie or ruin it by going to far that it seems too fake? In other words, is this a mistake?

What about other remakes? Recently we have seen the new version of Superman and Batman. We have also see a remake of Red Dawn, the Karate Kid, the Crazies, Arthur, Footloose, and Fright Night...and that's just to name a few. Now some of these were good remakes, but Hollywood needs to be careful, because a remake can easily become a mistake. Now for me, I liked the new Footloose because of the actors, whereas others did not like the new version for the same reason. The remake of the Karate Kid had the same message as its original, just told by a new generation of actors for a new generation of teens. However, did Red Dawn need to be redone? What about Fright Night? I'm not too sure about those, but they were popular.

Well I hope you are enjoying the scariest month of all. Alas I still have most movies out deemed as renters, but there are some good ones on the way. For now some good renters to check out are:

The Conjuring (release date this week), World War Z, and Halloween. Some remakes that aren't scary include Clueless (remake of Emma) and From Prada to Nada (remake of Sense and Sensibility).

Well enjoy and see you at the movies!!!