So I know this was supposed to be posted last night but I had a lot of "soul searching" to do. I plan on giving my opinion of this movie, but I am also going to give some other info.

First my taken on this remake of Carrie. Okay, the plot was very similar, slight changes, but pretty much the same. The only difference is that this version was more gruesome than the original. Sorry to say, I didn't care for this version at all. Hollywood should of left it alone.

Now moving on to some movie FYI. For those of you that do apps I know of two that would be worth it. The first one is a fun app called Run Pee.. Go ahead and laugh, but this app actually tells you good moments to take a potty break during the movie. This app is pretty accurate, even gives you a time frame and tells you what you are going to miss. I used the app during this movie and it was neat. I suggest you check it out so you can make sure you don't miss anything important next time you see a movie.

The next FYI is another app called Movie Fone. This neat little app tells you movies that are out, box office hits, and coming attractions. The other part of this app I like is the plot section. See, when you click the movie poster you get to see all the info about the movie. Under the plot tab you get to read the story and you also get to find out what criteria is in the movie that helped it earn its rating. Now I like this part because I'm not one of those that likes gory or crude scenes; yeah I cover my eyes. Some people don't mind..hey to each it's own. However I hope parents will take advantage of this app so that way they will know what their child is about to watch. You see, I like to ask movie goers that I run into what they think about movies... And I was highly shocked to see the amount of teens and under that had watched this movie. I'm not going to get on my soap box, but I will say that this show was not appropriate for some of those movie goers. Those of you wondering how they got in because the movie is rated R..their parents were there.

Another FYI is for the Christians out there. If you go the website for the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) you can check out their movie rating from the Catholic pint of view. For example, Carrie was rated "O"..morally offensive, and it will tell you why it received that rating.

Again I hope you enjoy these apps and websites to help you pick out your movie, and I really hope you parents use them to help in your decision process in choosing movies for your kids...and when to take a potty break.

Also, thanks again to my friend Keith for telling me about these apps..they do come in handy.

Renter suggestions: well since October is the unofficial wedding season for Texas (summer is just toooo hot) check out these cute but not too chick flick movies : Revenge of the Bridesmaids, My Best Friends Wedding, Grumpy Old Men 1 & 2

Well I hope y'all enjoyed and c y'all at the movies!!