There have been many distractions going on which has caused me to miss a great deal of movies but I plan on catching up. Here we go and enjoy the show :)

Son of God

No I have not watched this movie. However I did check with the USCCB (you remember, they review movies from a moral point of view) and they did state that the movie does provide a good Catechsis for all. Always remember though that the book is always better than the movie.


So this had some promises yet I don't think its a theatre movie. I think I am going to move this movie to the renter category. It looked promising but that just kinda faded. Maybe movie goers are getting over the whole "Hunger Game" type movies.

Sherman and Mr. Peebody

This looks like a good movie for older kids to enjoy and their parents. I do not see us taking our nephew to this movie but I think it would be fun to watch.

The Muppets

okay, who doesn't love the muppets? Surprisingly I met someone recently who does not like them at all?!!?? WOW because I grew up on their show. I will say that this does seem like a new era but same ol' trouble they get into; and I love that different celebrities are still doing guest spots with the muppets. The muppets have always been good laughs and great times and this movie seems to follow that pattern.


This was a hard decision for me because I do love a Liam Nielson movie... I do not like a trapped on an airplane movie. I do think this is going to be a good movie but I will pass based on story content.


Another Biblical movie that will hopefully inspire people to maybe read the Bible. I don't plan on seeing this movie but please feel free to look it up at the USSCB website for more information on the movie.

Finally .. Captain America

Of course I am going to watch this one. I am excited to continue the whole Marvel know first Iron Man, then Thor and now Captain America. This is going to be great. From the previews I see the plot includes Black Widow which means the story will hopefully lead up to the up coming Avengers 2. This is going to be fun!!

Okay well that is all for today. Some renters for today can be Frozen ( just because it is awesome) and Tangled ( because it is cute). Yeah, make it a Disney day.

okay .. c u at the movies!!