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What is your favorite part of a county fair?

For me, it is coming home.

I grew up just outside of Durant, Okla., a small town with a population of about 15,000. Growing up in Durant was alright, but there wasn't much to do, which was the biggest problem. We were always getting kicked out of Wal Mart for playing chase or hide-and-seek in grocery aisles.

The one time of year we were always entertained was the Magnolia Festival. Home of the magnolia tree, Durant's Magnolia Festival was the highlight of the year. There wasn't anything special about this particular festival. It had your typical cheap rides, funnel cakes, local bands and petting zoos - but I never missed a single one. Even in college, I always came home for the Magnolia Festival.

Coming to the Magnolia Festival, for me, means coming home. I get to see people I haven't seen in years, play silly games with my friends and, really, I get to be a kid again, no matter how old I am.

Join me at Hastings at 2:30 today to share your memories about your fairs and festivals.