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Nearly 3 billion people — a little under half the world's population — still rely on wood, crop waste and dung to cook and heat their homes, according to a new energy study released by the World Bank.

If these nations from all over the world continue to fall behind in energy development, they are unlikely to catch up economically, according to the report.

Some of the facts from the report are astonishing:

*The indoor air pollution causes about four million premature deaths a year, most of them women and children.

*The report shows that China recorded the largest energy savings and greatest expansion in renewable energy globally.

*Renewable energy accounted for 18% of the global energy mix in 2010.

*Twenty high-impact countries in Asia and Africa account for about two-thirds those without access to electricity, and three-quarters of those who use solid fuels—wood, charcoal, animal and crop waste, and coal—to cook or heat their homes.

*Countries, international organizations, private sector and civil society need to more than double existing energy investments of $409 billion. They need to add at least $600 billion more every year until 2030.