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I go out to eat at least twice a week. Sometimes I go for work, when I write Chomp! for Get Out, and other times it's just a reprieve from life. Working full-time, while maintaining a clean house and a so-called social life, doesn't often afford a time for cooking a meal every night of the week.

So when I do go out to eat, I try to leave my phone in my purse and let my mind relax a little bit while I indulge or imbibe in a tasty treat. Recently, there have been a lot of stories floating around about cells phones and their place in a restaurants, including the phone stacking game or putting everyone's phone in a basket when they're at a table to avoid distractions. Each brings the focus back to spending time with your friends or family at the table rather than the friends and family on your social networks or via your telephone.

Today, I was reading this story on CNN Money about a new trend that some restaurants are following. The idea is to offer customers an incentive if they leave their phones with the receptionist. According to the story, this Los Angeles restaurant is the first of its kind to offer its patrons a discount if they opt in to ditch their phone for the meal.

I think this is a great idea for restaurants. I'll admit that I have been one of those customers who has my phone within arms reach, checking for messages or calls missed, rather than paying attention the server trying to take my drink order or place a plate in front of me. I would be more than willing to leave my phone at the hostess stand while I enjoy a good meal. Would you?