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Monday, Jan. 27.

This is only the third time since 1992, that Jan. 27 has fallen on a Monday -- 1997 and 2003 were the others.

But it was Monday, Jan. 27, 1992 that changed lives forever. It was the day after the Super Bowl that year. That Monday was drizzly and cool in Atlanta, Texas where I lived at the time.

That Monday three bodies were found in a mobile home there -- a mom and her two daughters, all dead.

That Monday began an odyssey involving not only the family of the victims, but those of suspects, as well as law enforcement, the criminal justice system and the media, that lasted nearly 20 years.

That Monday not only ended three lives, but changed many more forever.

So on this Monday, take a few seconds and pause in your day. Say a little prayer for Gerri Faye, Jessica and Mackenzie Butts. Say a prayer for their family. Say a prayer for the man who sits in prison convicted of murder. Say a prayer for his family.

Say a prayer for humanity.