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There are a lot of things wrong in this country.

Prices are becoming higher by the day, jobs are scarce, and it seems like the people we put in charge to regulate everything have no intention of actually looking out for us. The biggest problem is when we stop caring. I’m not talking about what’s going on in Washington or the world; I’m talking about things that happen in our own backyard. When we stop caring about what’s happening to the people we see every day, when we stop caring whether they have food or shelter then we lose the very thing that makes us human, our compassion.

Ramona Flores is a friend of mine. She is the daughter of Ruben Flores who owns Midnight Rambler, a local record shop in Victoria. Mr. Flores has had very severe medical issues over the past year; they have accelerated to the point where he needs supervision to do some of the most basic things. Ramona, who was living in the Austin area up until the point when these issues became overwhelming, had to quit her job and move back down to care for her father. He’s doing much better now and things seemed to be working out much better for the two of them now, until recently.

Mr. Flores stays in Carriage Park Apartments, a property owned by Wilson Real Estate. Due to his illness, he’s unable to fully keep up with his apartment. This issue has been raised in a rather abrasive manner by the manager with Ramona, who’s been acting on her father’s behalf. Due to the tone used by the manager, a complaint was filed to the Apartment Association. In response to this complaint, Wilson Real Estate is now trying to evict Mr. Flores from his home for which he has been paying the rent on time ever since he moved there. Neither he nor his daughter has the funds for another apartment, let alone to move.

I would urge the readers as well as the editor to not ignore this issue and let this man face the dangers of being thrown out on the streets. I urge you to write to the Apartment Association so that Mr. Flores’ lease can be renewed for another six months so that he and his daughter can gather the funds to find a much more suitable place.

Every little bit counts, thank you.