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The last couple of weeks have been beyond busy for me. I have said this before in another column, but I feel I am a balloon without a string and in desperate need for someone to grab a hold of me and bring me down to earth.

In case you have not heard, we are moving! The Matagorda Advocate office is moving to a much better, yet smaller location. Why you ask? Well, we are only two people, yes, you read right, two people running the entire operation.

Not to mention, we will be located right on seventh street, across from IBC bank and next to this awesome store that sells Mexican candy, the candy I grew up eating when I was a kid. My work breaks are going to be awesome! (Well, but that’s another column.)

After 8 years (according to the lease) we are moving from this location to the new one. This isn’t something that we took lightly, this is something that we planned, planned and planned. Drove many miles around Bay City, looked at many buildings and spoke to many to try to find the perfect location – the new home for the Matagorda Advocate for many years to come.

When I was given the green light to move, I thought it was going to be the easiest thing in the world. We can just drive around and find a vacant office, look at it, fall in love and viola we were home right? Wrong.

But I will spare you from the months of looking. Now we have the place and I for one am excited for our new location!

One note, the moving to another location has nothing to do with our Matagorda Advocate flood of 2012. This is something that we had already decided a few months back. The flood was just a surprise from the City of Bay City.

And one thing I am not looking forward to is the packing and moving and throwing away of things we don’t need. The current office holds enough desks for seven people; the new office will fit about three desks. As long as there’s enough space for our fridge and the coffee machine, I am one happy editor. I am just so happy the staff from the Victoria Advocate is coming over to help us move. They will move the heavy desks, computer desks and other equipment we will find along the way. We are sure blessed to have the support from our founding paper, the Victoria Advocate.

Moving this office has felt like I am moving from living many years in an apartment, to moving to a house. The only difference is nothing I am moving (utilities, equipment, computers, furniture) is under my name. I am in the middle of it all, for a while there, my name was Victoria Advocate. Some customer service representative went as far as asking, “Ms. Advocate, can you please spell your first name?”

But all joking aside, this is going to be a great move that I am so looking forward to. We are going to get so much exposure and our sign will proudly hang in the front of our office for everyone to see.

Now every time there is a parade in town, I never have to leave the office – I can just step outside and watch as the parade passed along the office. Is this every reporters dream? Well, not really, just mine.

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