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I almost didn’t make it to my conference this week. An unfortunate event happened on the way to our office moving day, working on the rodeo tab and me planning to head to San Antonio for the Key Executives mega conference. But all is better now.

It was a sad, confusing, something that turned from pain to anger and then just to determination to continue forward and get the work done so that I can possibly go to the conference that I had my heart set on. This conference is part of my Inland Press Association fellowship and I get to attend sessions throughout the day and learn and listen to many in the newspaper world.

And the best part of the session is meeting up with my friends. Those that have received the same fellowship that I have.

They are from all over the United States and every time we meet up, we pick up on where we left off the conference before.

It was last Thursday when I stood in the middle of the old office, with tears in my eyes trying to figure out how the entire office was going to be packed and moved on time.

Surely I could not pack the entire Matagorda Advocate office on my own. But with pain came happiness.

I was being rescued by the Victoria Advocate, my “mom” paper as I like to call it.

My main resource when I myself need help with writing a story or getting information on how to run this weekly, they are always here for me.

Almost a week has passed and I still feel that way. They came when the weekly needed help the most.

When I thought that I was stuck doing everything on my own, they were there.

And so the troops were sent in and everyone came together to help when I least expected it and boxes, furniture, picture frames and spirits were lifted all in a matter of hours with a few jokes and some laughs.

And that’s the thing about being part of a family owned newspaper, we are in fact family and if someone is in need of help - they will be there.

I may be an hour away from them, but I have never felt very much apart. They are always an email away or a phone call away or ok, if I feel like it, a drive away.

Last week was proof that they care about this publication and want to see it grow, just as much as I do.

And so as I write this, I am sitting outside in the balcony of my hotel in San Antonio overlooking the hill country and enjoying the view. (This after the sessions were over for the day of course.) I am reminded that I am in fact working for the best company ever.

Because of the team effort that we all put together - moving the office, helping out with running the office, I was able to attend the conference that will help me and the Matagorda Advocate advance become a better newspaper.

And so I end this column with great heart and a big THANK YOU to everyone at the Victoria Advocate who set aside their work duties to help. I will for ever be grateful.

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