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Well, wish me luck! I move into an apartment Tuesday, and I'll have a kitchen all to myself. Thus, I'll have much more room and resources available to work in. I've also invested in a digital camcorder so I can make a few recordings of the learning process. Until the move is complete and I am free to cook as I please, here's another simple favorite.

Piggies in a Blanket:

Pilsbury cressant rolls
Little Smokies
kitchen scissors
cooking sheet

Preheat your oven according to the directions on the roll package. Then unroll the cressant rolls. Use the kitchen scissors to cut each one into 2 or 3 triangles, depending on how much you want on each one.

Roll the Little Smokies in the triangles so the roll batter overlaps. Then place them on the baking sheet. I like to put down a sheet of non-stick foil on the baking sheet. It makes clean-up a lot easier. Bake according to the roll package directions or until a nice golden color.

And there you have it! Piggies in a Blanket! Feel free to share any special twist that you or your family might add to this. But above all, enjoy!