'Tis the season for Christmas parties. As such, I think it's high time for a few suggestions on party snacks. I've had some good suggestions in my previous posts, such as the Velveeta Queso and piggies-in-a-blanket, but this is one I just recently "discovered." I'm sure it's too simple for someone not to have used it before.

Triscuts, or your favorite crackers (they tend to work best if they have a salty flavor)
Havarti cheese (Cheddar or Swiss may work just as well, but I'm hooked on Havarti.)
Jalepeno pepper jelly

You can probably already guess how this works. Just take a small slice of the cheese, place it on top of a Triscut and add a bit of jelly. And there's a sweet and spicy treat for party guests with a minimal amount of effort from the host/hostess.

What's your favorite party treat?