Since this is my first post, I'll begin with something I created myself. Ever get tired of having your eggs and toast separately? Well, I had the brilliant idea of combining the two. This concept went through a couple of different stages, but it all has pretty much the same result.


1 slice of bread
1 egg
butter spread
Pam spray (or any other non-stick substance you'd like)
omlet pan

First you need to spread the butter on both sides of the bread. Don't forget this, or you'll end-up with one side nice and toasty and the other rather black and burny.

Once both sides have been covered, cut a hole in the middle of the bread. I like mine to be about 2 to 3 inches wide. Whatever the size, make sure your egg will fit without too much spill over. Place the holey bread on the pan.

Crack the egg and make sure it falls into the hole. You'd be surprised how hard this can be. Especially when you're lacking in coordination (wince).

Make sure that the stovetop is set at a medium to low heat. How hot really depends on your preference, but I've found that starting with a medium heat and then lowering it later helps.

Once the egg has cooked enough on the bottom (Once again, MAKE SURE it's cooked enough. It gets a bit messy, otherwise.), gently push the spatula under the toast and flip it. I find this works better if you can get it positioned so the yolk is on the spatula. It's easier to keep it from breaking then.

From this point you can cook it to your heart's content. It all depends on how you like the yolk. If you like it runny, then you might want to stop there. If you like it hard, then flip it a couple of times to keep the toast from burning. When it's done, plate it and there you have it! Lauren's egg toast! For a little extra flavor, try it with cinnamon spread.

P.S. I'm sure there are others who have their own versions of this concept. It's too simple to be truly original. Enjoy your toast!