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Today I decided I wanted some Linguini for lunch. But it turns out I didn't have any Italian sausage for my meat sauce. So, in the adventurous spirit of a learning cook, I decided to improvise.

The only meat I had was a package of lean turkey Bratwurst. So I tossed that into the pot to cook. Once I'd drained a bit of the little juice there was (it was lean meat, after all) I poured on the jar of pasta sauce.

After giving it a quick taste, it was quite obvious I wouldn't need more salt. So I added some black pepper and a bit of rosemary. But then I realized it was still just sauce and meat. So, once again, it was time to improvise.

I pulled out some green onions that I had chopped earlier for my tuna salad and dumped in a handful or two. Another taste and I decided it needed just a bit more spice, but it already tasted like it had enough black pepper.

So.... once again....

Only this time I took the Mexican route and put in a dash of cilantro. I let it simmer for a bit and then poured it over my linguini.

Not bad, but I'm not exactly sure if it's a German twist on Italian sauce, or if I just created an international dish on the fly. Maybe next time I'll wait until I have some actual Italian sausage before I make a sauce.

How do you like your pasta?