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One of my friends at work gave me this great tip for the perfect baked potato. It's a really quick and simple method. All you need is a potato, a plastic bag (a Walmart or H.E.B. bag is perfect) and a microwave.

Wrap the bag around the potato and twist it closed tightly. Then just put it in the microwave. Three minutes if it's a small potato, five if it's big.

Careful when you pull it out. (As if you didn't know it's going to be hot.) Then you can cut it open and load it up with whatever you like! I like mine with butter and a bit of ranch. Sometimes I like to add a bit of grated mild cheddar.

How do you like your baked potato?

P.S. Cute picture has been substituted with Chester chasing a grasshopper. Watch for the big musical finish!

Edit: Sorry. Chester video is down due to technical difficulties. I'll get it sorted ASAP.