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Today's prompt was a little odd. The phrase was simply "a blur of ego." We all took this one in odd directions, but they were all interesting looks into problems involving a person's ego. Here is what we came up with.

Page Designer Veronica Gonzalez, who came for the first time today, wrote the story of a rich young woman whose mother was trying to force her to meet elligible young bachelors. She thinks longingly about how she should not have told her mother she was coming for a visit so this wouldn't have happened.

Allison Miles wrote the story of an amateur artist who stole a children's illustration book from a shop in an attempt to improve his artistic technique and gain more recognition. But he thinks it's OK, because it's done in the name of art.

Cory Garcia told us about a building being used to boost the ego of one man. But the story opens with the building being blown up. Interestingly enough, the narrator is struggling with ego himself, as he doesn't worry about if anyone was hurt. He's upset that this will make his walk home more inconvenient.

My story was about three adult brothers having a discussion about the color of a vase they broke when they were kids. They are talking about this as they prepare for their mother's funeral and they realize that even though all their fights were about their egos, their mother always loved them, no matter how stupid their fights were.