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Good day, lovely readers. Our editorial board had a good discussion today, and we'd like you to know what we plan to write about in the coming week. Below is our schedule of planned editorials. We hope you will leave us a comment or submit a letter to the editor and let us know what you think about our topics. Your opinion matters to us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Friday: Late night at the library: Encourage young people to attend and get to know the library. There are so many advantages to the library, but it has been overshadowed by the easy access of the Internet. Residents can check out books on CD and movies for free instead of renting them, plus the library offers free Internet access and has updated to offer ebooks through Kindle.

Saturday: Thumbs

Sunday: Judge Pozzi's switch to GOP: It is sad that longstanding, qualified leaders must align themselves with a specific political party to be elected. Political parties may make sense on a national scale, but in smaller county races, they just confuse the issue. Residents should be able to look at the candidates for who they are without the unnecessary political "filter" of GOP or Democratic party lines. Such oversimplified classification allows voters to take the lazy way out by voting straight party, which can lead to situations like the last election, where Pozzi almost lost to a much less qualified candidate simply because of party affiliation. What matters is the candidate, not which label they happen to have next to their name. Encourage county to look into removing antiquated system of political parties from races.

Monday: Wire edit on vouchers legislation or any other bit state legislature issues.

Tuesday: Prom Princess voting: Encourage residents to vote on different stages of Prom Princess, as well as applaud community for stepping up to pay for other two girls. We live in a community with a lot of compassion and heart, which can be better than social services and government assistance because it comes from a true desire to help.

Wednesday: Goliad re-enactment: Applaud those who took part in re-enactment and appreciate those who make this happen and honor history every year without fail. Glad to live in area where history has such value. This is the real location, not a Hollywood set and glad to know it is preserved and honored.

Thursday: Promote upcoming debates. Include request for questions from community and invite community to attend with clear rules about conduct and not all submitted questions will be used, but we will select the best submitted questions to be included in debates.