Next week early voting in person for the Democratic Primary Runoff Election will begin. Election Day is Tuesday, April 8th. All voters who participated in the Democratic Primary are eligible to vote in the runoff election. Any registered voter who did not vote in the primary is eligible to vote. The only ones who may not participate in this election are those who voted in the Republican Primary or those who have signed a petition for an independent candidate.

Voting is always important and just because it is a runoff election doesn't mean you don't have to show up.

Runoff elections are held because the primary nominee process must select only one candidate to represent the party in the General Election. By state law and party rules the winning candidate must gather more than 50% of the total votes cast in the race.

In this coming election the top two candidates from the primary are on the ballot. If you voted in the primary you should vote again in the runoff to complete the party nominee process.