Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » Political Signs Everywhere but What is on the Ballot


Everywhere I go I see political signs doting the landscape. The signs seem to be everywhere and they support candidates from all over the place. The signs you see are for candidates or measures in three different elections.

Our first election is the city, college, water election on May 12th. Early voting in person is ongoing at this time for city council, city charter amendments, college trustees and college bond as well as water district directors.

Our second and third elections are the Republican Primary and Democratic Primary to be held on May 29th. In these elections you'll find candidates for federal, state, district and county offices are listed. We will begin early voting in person for the primaries on Monday, May 14th but none of these races are currently on the first election's ballot.

Early voting in person for May 12th continues Monday from 8 am to 5 pm and Tuesday from 7 am to 7 pm at the Elections Office. We'll also open three branch locations at the water offices in Bloomington, Placedo and Quail Creek from 8 am to 5 pm on both days. Registered voters in Victoria County may go to any early voting site and cast a ballot.

This week early voting in person has brought to our attention the confusion voters are facing with these three elections being held in the same month and only a couple of weeks between them. This week and next you vote for city, college and water. The week after we start voting for federal, state, district and county.

Another issue which is confusing voters is an e-mail being circulated about tax exemption status for senior citizens. The well-meaning individuals who are forwarding the e-mail do not have the correct information. The issue was decided six years ago and is not on any ballot this month. Although the e-mail is new it does not provide information on current ballot issues. Do not expect to vote on this issue.

Remember to vote and this month you may vote twice, but only twice. Once in the May 12th election and once in the May 29th election.