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The last day to register for the Election 2012 is Tuesday, October 9th and you have until 5 pm. Registered voters must be U.S. Citizens, 18 years or older by election day, residents of the county, not been finally convicted of a felony nor been found to have a mental disability by a court and have on file a voter's registration application.

The Presidential Election held every four years is a major event in our exercising the reality of democracy in action. While most people focus on the presidential race there are many other offices on the November 6th ballot. A US Senator and all US Representatives to Congress are on the ballot in Texas. Everyone votes on the senator race but each congressional district has only one representative.

At the statewide level there are two positions on the railroad commission which regulates the oil and gas industry in the state as well as numerous judges on the Texas Supreme Court and Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

At the district level there is a seat on the State Board of Education, a spot in the Texas Senate, a spot in the Texas House, several judgeships on the 13th Court of Appeals District and two district judges.

At the local level the sheriff and tax assessor-collector are on the ballot with two commissioners, one unexpired justice of the peace and all four constables.

But you will not be able to cast a ballot for any of these if you are not registered.

There are only about 12 days left until the deadline. To assure yourself of being registered you should locate your voter registration certificate mailed in March of this year. It is a yellow certificate for 2012-2013. The address on the certificate must be the same address where you currently reside. If there are changes to be made you must update the information prior to the deadline of October 9th.

If you are not registered the most certain method is to visit the Elections Office at 111 N. Glass and complete a voter registration application. We can mail you an application but can not guarantee your registration will be returned before the deadline.

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