Blogs » Victoria County Election Administrator » City Election Saturday, May 11, 2013


The City of Victoria General & Special Election is here. On Saturday, May 11th, twenty-one polling places will open throughout the city. They will be open from 7 am to 7 pm. Each polling place will be happy to accept voters from within the election precinct in which the polling place is located. The polling location will not be able to accept voters from outside the election precinct.

The city is divided into election precincts. One polling place is designated for each precinct. Sometimes these locations move but for the most part we are using the same places as last November. During early voting anyone from within the territory voting can come to an early voting polling location and cast their ballot. On Election Day voters may go only to their precinct polling location.

The territory for this election is the City of Victoria and only residents of the city who are registered voters may vote in this election. We have had some people from outside the city come in to vote during early voting. I am very happy that these individuals are interested enough in the election to come in. They are showing they are responsible individuals of the community. They just will not be able to vote in this election.

Check your voter registration card and locate the precinct number. Check our website or the Advocate to learn the polling location for that precinct.

For a sample ballot go to

If you need assistance, please contact the Elections Office at 576-0124 or at