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The new Photo ID requirement will require every voter who shows up at a polling place to present one of the approved forms of photo identification. In addition to having a photograph of the individual the name on the photo identification will need to match the name on the Official List of Registered Voters.

Since this is an important part of the Photo ID law I'll say it again. The name on the approved form of photo identification will need to match the name on the Official List of Registered Voters.

This may not be as obvious as you might first think. Individuals who obtain photo identification from the Department of Public Safety (driver's license, personal identification, election identification or concealed handgun permit) must provide specific items proving their identity. The same applies to Department of Defense identifications, Certificates of Naturalization and US Passports. Those individuals who register to vote need only complete the voter registration application and swear the information provided is accurate. Up to now there has not been a requirement that those two documents (Photo ID and Voter Registration Certificate) match.

A few individuals are very careful about using only one name in their personal and professional life. A few of us, myself included, are less careful about our name. On my driver's license the name is listed as "George Hilary Matthews". On my voter registration my name is listed as "George H Matthews". Now these two are not all that different but they are not exact matches. I would be allowed to vote but I would have to complete an affidavit that I am the same person on the Photo ID as listed on the Official List of Registered Voters.

Luckily there is still time to correct this difference. Get both the item you intend to use for Photo ID and your Voter Registration Certificate. Check to see if the names match. If not, turn the Voter Registration Certificate over and on the lines on the lower left of the card print your name as it appears on the Photo ID. Sign the affirmation on the bottom right of the card. Mail the card to the Elections Office at 2805 N. Navarro, Suite 500, Victoria, Texas 77901 before October 7th for the November Constitutional Amendment Election.

You may also come by our offices at the Patti Dodson Public Health Center in Suite 500 and complete a change of name application.

If you don't have your Voter Registration Certificate and need to check your name you may go to the Secretary of State's website. There you can check voter registration status and even update the information on the voter registration to match your Photo ID. Be patient as you do this as there are millions of registered voters in Texas who may be checking their name.

For more information contact the Victoria County Elections Office at 576-0124 or

Voting is a great responsibility to further democracy.