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A lot can happen over the span of a few days. As many of us have seen on television, read in the papers and scanned over on our tablets and smartphones, the horrific events that unraveled in a suburban area of Denver took the lives of 12 men, women and one 6-year-old girl. When a masked shooter opened fire on a theater full of moviegoers in Aurora, Colo. the area's first responders arrived at the scene of what has been described as chaos. People were running out the theater seeking refuge from harm and others needing urgent care for wounds and injuries. Without the quick response by those trained for the worst, the loss of lives could have been higher. The nation's blessings and prayers go out to those friends and families affected by the tragic event.

Sunday night, here in the Crossroads, the lives of 12 were taken when a truck traveling toward Goliad veered off U.S. Highway 59 and hit a tree. The truck, carrying 23 people, was crushed on impacting ejecting the passengers riding in the bed and trapping and killing those in the extended cab. It was reported that more than 40 first responders arrived at the scene to re-route traffic, extract passengers from the vehicle, aid the victims in recovery and countless other duties and responsibilities that they assume when reporting to an accident scene of this caliber. This isn't the first time an unfortunate accident like this has happened in the Crossroads and likely won't be our last. Let's be careful out there when we are traveling and keep an eye on each other.

This is a thank you to all our first responders here in the Crossroads and across the globe, your hard work is priceless. The Magazine of the Golden Crescent closed its nomination for Top First Responders on Friday, and I must say the decision for this Top 5 will be one of the hardest to make. The next issue of the GC Magazine comes out July 25, featuring the Golden Crescent's Top Public Servants. Look for the hard-working first responders in the October/November edition of the magazine out Sept. 25.