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What a busy weekend I had... What a great weekend I had! Friday was the "Mid-Point Check-Up and Weigh-In" in San Antonio. Saturday I had a "Meet And Greet" in Victoria - complete with Zumba. In the H-E-B Store no-less! Sunday I ran in a 10K in Bryan, TX. Yes I RAN!! ALL THE WAY! Mid-Point: Went extremely well. I managed to lower my weight and have had great improvements on my blood pressure, my cholesterol, my blood sugar, and even my BMI. Actually I improved in all areas physically! While we were in San Antonio we had a great work-out in the parking lot of the Gold's Gym. An awesome Circuit Training type of work-out. It was especially good to see my fellow contestants and the folks on the H-E-B Staff that have been working with us. Zumba: So after spending all day in San Antonio and returning home, I made the drive to Victoria to the H-E-B Plus on Navarro St. Had a pretty good 'Meet & Greet' in the store. My friend Reuben Ybarra scheduled a Zumba Class in the store that morning. About 15 people from a local Zumba group showed up. We had a great work-out including Me, Reuben, some friends and some folks and employees who just wanted to join in the fun! A nice success and a fun time. 5K Race in Bryan, TX: After closing up the 'Meet & Greet' I got loaded up and headed to Bryan, and got checked in at the hotel. I was trying to get there in time to pick up my race packet but didn't quite make the 5pm deadline. My Friend and Fellow Contestant Morris Carrillo picked mine up for me and brought it to me. Morris had to miss the 'Mid-Point' activities due to being Blessed with a brand new baby boy on Thursday. (Congrats again, Mo!) so it was good to see him Saturday Evening. Sunday Morning Mo picked me up and we headed over to the race. It was a great feeling to participate in this race! It had been 20+ years since I had run in a race. Long overdue. I ran all of the way and finished the race in 36 minutes and 32 seconds!! I was hoping for 45 minutes so I was plenty excited about my time! I finished 14th in the my age group (Men - 50-55). Sunday Evening: Got home and just wanted to crash... very tired and quite happy with myself! Thanks for Your Support Team Gator!