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So I'm back on my "only water" bit again.

I've been on it for the past week (I had tried earlier but fell into temptation).

Many people don't know that I use to be a water-drinking, vegetable-eating guy. Yes, I was one of those people you don't understand. To be quite honest, those four months in my life were the best health-wise.

I had dropped from the 210 pounds I was my senior year in high school, to a flat 160 by my sophomore year in college. I'm not sure quite why, but as quickly as I had started, I quit.

Now I'm 186.

Not too bad, but I do miss the energy I felt. I always felt clean, as strange as that sounds. I'm still eating meats but everything I do eat, I drink with water.

Who wants to see what a month with water instead of that carbonated, black soda can do for you?

Jump on the bandwagon with me, I'll try and keep up and post any changes I see in my life because of it.