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Yesterday was my one month anniversary in Victoria. Since then, I have learned 10 differences between McAllen and Victoria.

  1. People no longer refer to you as "mijo" or "mijito," instead they say "sweetie" or "darling."

  2. When reporting and you bump into someone who is speaking Spanish, they actually revert back to English.

  3. Everything really IS down Navarro.

  4. People don't always seem like they are in a hurry to get somewhere. They'll get there when they get there.

  5. There is no Barnes and Noble! There is a Hastings though, which I do like equally as much.

  6. It's much more green in Victoria than it is in McAllen.

  7. Their beach and the Valley's beach are two totally separate perceptions of "beach."

  8. People in Victoria actually read the newspaper. Always heart-warming for any reporter.

  9. From the Mexican restaurants I've gone to, the word "botana" is almost foreign.

  10. Almost every restaurant/store/parking lot entrance dips really low that it scrapes the bottom of your car.

You learn to get around things. I've learned at Casa Ole you order the "platter" and get similarly what you'd get in a botana.

I've learned to go slow when entering any parking lot. I've learned to control my giddiness when someone mentions they enjoyed the paper and then go more specific when they mention they enjoyed my article.

I know that if I really miss the South Padre Island that much it's only 3.5 hours away.

I remember that you can order books from (I still miss the bookstore Starbucks)

I'm learning other routes (short and long) to get to my apartment.

I'm settling in well. I enjoy Victoria, it's people and of course this paper.