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Have you been downtown lately?

The streets are smoother, the sidewalks are beginning to bustle with people. The City of Victoria is slowly, but surely, pumping life back into the downtown scene.

And to really kick it off, they are finally taking back the Christmas Lighted Parade to its roots.

Advocate reporter Sonny Long's story about the event will also be in Friday's paper.

Here is what people had to say:


"I miss having it downtown. Just the feel of it is better."

Patricia Youngblood, Victoria, city worker


"It's better downtown. It's the original and it's tradition."

Santiago Rodriguez, Victoria, Berry Plastics


"I think it's great downtown. I love my hometown."

Julie Adams, Victoria, stay-at-home-mom


"It's great. They've made downtown beautiful so why not show it off."

Rene Rodriguez, Victoria, manager at Walgreens