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I did my last question of the day this morning. Beginning Monday, I'll take on the role of features editor and health reporter here at the Advocate.

I will no longer be ranging in Refugio County or spending my Tuesday and Thursday mornings at local morning hot spots. It has definitely been a great one.

Now I'm going to try my hand at math here; please do not laugh: If I've calculated correctly, I've been asking question of the day at twice a week for roughly two years and six months. Now I'm not going to get into holidays and time off, but just to give you a guesstimate: there are 52 weeks in a year, multiply that by 2 and add 26 for the six months I've been asking in 2011.

That puts me at 130 weeks of Question of the day. I ask four people on Tuesday and four and Thursday. So that's eight people a week.

Therefore, drumroll I've roughly asked 1,040 people question of the day. Give a take a few. But at least well over 1,000.

Again, not including holidays, PTO, sick days or some rare days where we did not ask a question at all.

Now that's a lot of people. But I'd just to thank all the people who answered the questions while I've been out and about.

Now to the last question of the day.

We asked today about New Year's resolutions? What is yours? Mine is to, of course, become fit and excel at my new position.

Here is what people out in the Crossroads had to say:


"It is definitely going to be losing weight. Everyone says it ,but I'm going to do it! Also, to be a better person."

Phil Albrecht, Victoria, oil and gas industry


"I don't really resolutions anymore, but if I had to pick one, it would be to get closer to God. God is very important in my life."

Reginold Perry, Victoria, truck driver


"To study more for school so I can get better grades and get A Honor Roll and National Junior Honor Society."

Kate Keating, Victoria, Sixth grader at Trinity Episcopal School


"I really don't have them, because I don't really keep them."

Ashley Vasquez, Victoria, cashier