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I spent my lunch hour at one of the busiest places in town with a bunch of new faces, Ramsey's. We wanted to see how they were dealing with the fast approaching holidays.

It always seems I'm late in doing my shopping. Well, this year, I'm taking a week off to recuperate from my autism series "Missing Pieces" and to do some Christmas shopping and decorating.

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Here is what people had to say about the holidays:


"I'll be very busy working at Academy."

Matthew Lemke, Victoria, Academy sales


"I am not ready! I haven't done any shopping."

Gracie Martinez, Edna, Best Buy


"Yes. Ready for the family and food."

Alice Bland, Port Lavaca, retired


"I'm excited. I get to spend it with all my grandchildren. And I'll be giving my time to God."

Ora Littles, Goliad, retired