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My 10-year-old son, Paul, and I attended an open house today for the Dorothy H. O'Connor Pet Adoption Center. I like to get out of the office whenever I can to see what we're covering in the newspaper.

As an editor, you can get buried quickly by office work and not get out enough in the community. On Sundays, I tend to prefer watching football in my living room, so it's good to get me off the couch.

Check out Monday's feature on the center by Rebecca Holm and our multimedia tour. Pet lovers also should visit Rebecca's blog.

I was impressed by the center's luxurious accommodations. If you're a dog or a cat without a home, this $1.7 million center is the next best thing. I've seen a lot of stray animals around the area, so clearly Dorothy O'Connor's legacy is needed. Our dog Scoop and cat Pica thank her on behalf of their furry friends.