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You've probably heard how the Internet has affected newspapers, but not nearly as much has been written about what it's doing to local TV news stations.

This article Sunday  in the New York Times examined how stations are cutting loose their longtime anchors in an effort to trim costs. Anyone watch Carolyn Campbell on KHOU?

What's remarkable in our small-TV market is the longevity of sports anchor Don Brubaker at KAVU. All of KAVU's other newscasters have been there a relatively short amount of time, but Don's tenure rivals that of longtime Advocate sports staffers Mike Forman and Paul Ebner. I've only met Don briefly, but I salute him and others who dedicate their lives to telling the community's stories. Their wealth of community knowledge is invaluable.

I wonder about the future of local TV news when the digital world offers so many channels. You can read online about various ominous signs:

- The Death of Local TV News

- One Giant Newsroom

- The Future of Local TV News?

The tipping point, it seems, will come when our computers are fully integrated into our TV sets. The technology already is there to do this, but most have only scratched the surface.

In the Crossroads region, only two out of 10 people watch KAVU news, according to our recent market study. How much more fragmented will the media market become before that level dips low enough to be unsustainable in its current format? Will FCC licenses become irrelevant when people have thousands of online channels from which to choose?

These are challenging and exciting times for everyone in media. What future to you predict or want to see?