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I bumped into several people involved in "The Nutcracker" performance of the Victoria Ballet Theatre. They all raved about the special M3 entertainment section Friday featuring the production on the cover.

All praise for that work goes to designer Ryan Huddle, photo editor Frank Tilley and writer Aprill Brandon. Ryan and Aprill danced in the party scene this year, so they applied that special insight toward their coverage.

It's the nature of the news business, though, that nothing's perfect. I had a voice-mail this morning from a mother whose child was one of the mice in the play. Her message said her daughter "saw all of those beautiful color pictures and cried" when she didn't see any photos of mice. The mice are just as important as anyone else in "The Nutcracker," the mother said.

I wish she had left a phone number so I could have encouraged her to go online and look through the 81 photos Frank has posted from "The Nutcracker." I hope there's a mouse there somewhere. Click here to view his photo album.

I also encourage parents to share their photos through Seen on the Scene. We use these submissions on A2 in the daily newspaper. If anyone has video of the performance, please also share a clip of it through the YouTube embed on your blog. We'd love to see Aprill and Ryan dancing.

My wife and daughter enjoyed Saturday night's performance, but my son and I were at a soccer party at Chuck E Cheese. Can Aprill and Ryan actually dance?