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I hope to see you at Tuesday's night special showing of the documentary "Drug Wars: Silver or Lead."

Public service editor Gabe Semenza arranged the showing as part of the Advocate's award-winning series "The Fatal Funnel." If you missed Sunday's eighth installment, you can see it online by clicking here. I also encourage you to click the video link to see multimedia broadcast editor Bill Clough's piece on the missing of Laredo.

All of this material will make the movie experience even richer for you. Afterward, I encourage you to stay for the panel discussion Gabe has organized. The experts who will be speaking range from Victoria's own sheriff to a former State Department counterterrorism expert.

As an added bonus, this is an opportunity to see how the Welder Center works for showing movies. Director Scott Mohon arranged the loan of a digital projector for this movie with an eye toward using the Welder Center for a small film festival or some other similar use. Personally, I'd love to see independent films come occasionally to the center. Why is that the big-chain movie theaters can't reserve even one screen for movies outside the mainstream? After all, how many screens need to be showing "Bedtime Stories"?

My personal movie beef aside, this is an exciting and important event for Victoria.