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Who knew I liked Slayer? For that matter, I never was that much of a fan of cello music before either. After Saturday night's Break of Reality concert at Victoria College, count me as a huge fan of this unique blend of heavy metal and classical music.

I wish I had bought a CD on sale last night, but I was in a hurry to get our kids home after the show. Anyone know where to still purchase a copy in Victoria? I'll have to check out the band's MySpace page.

Our two children loved the show, too, which speaks volumes. Our daughter, who plays clarinet in her middle school band, declared that she was going to figure out how to amp her instrument and create "Flaming Fingers." The show also intensified our son's desire to take up the saxophone next year in sixth grade.

Many thanks to Victoria native Ivan Trevino for bringing the band to his hometown. I appreciate the many thank-yous he offered to his community for all of the support he received growing up here.

I saw a lot of people taking pictures and video with their cell phones last night. I encourage all of you to add what you show to the Advocate coverage provided by Tara Bozick and Roni Gendler. For those who missed the show, I've attached a YouTube promotional video to help explain Break of Reality. Who says there's nothing to do in Victoria?